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Court upheld Russian antitrust agency fine on meat product cartel member

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On February 19,2014, the Federal Commercial Court of Moscow upheld the fine given by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) on the Velikolysk meat plant for its part in a cartel of large meat packers that colluded to raise prices on a government acquisition of meat products. The FAS, in a press release, have also confirmed the rejection of Velikolysk’s complaint.

The court has already confirmed the fines against many of Velikolysk’s co-conspirators, namely IKMA, Kamyshin Sansages Soloviev, and Dubki.

Twenty companies participated in this cartel. They were active in auctions held in July 2009, when Russia’s Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs and other security bodies spent 149.3m rubles (USD 5m) on meat products.

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