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FCC Commissioner Tate Speaks on Revamping Telecom Act

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Speaking to the Tennessee Telecommunications Association on May 2, FCC Commissioner Deborah T. Tate said that any revamping of the 1996 Telecommunications Act should include language that permits the government to play a limited role in creating fair rules, while allowing the marketplace to drive industry development and innovation in such areas as broadband and advanced services. According to Tate, ensuring competition is an important goal for any telecom bill passed by Congress this year. While some regulation is necessary, it has to let companies “take into account their business plans and the economic realities they face” so they can operate their business, she said. “A light regulatory touch is particularly critical to encouraging the deployment and use of broadband.”
Tate said such a policy must be followed if there is going to be progress made in deploying broadband service nationwide. The ubiquitous availability of broadband service across the country will not only benefit businesses, but families and children as well. Commissioner Tate said it will allow for the continued growth of telemedicine and safety uses so that people be able to work in case a possible pandemic strikes the U.S. and forces people to work from home.

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