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FTC/DOJ File Joint Amicus Brief in Case of Latino Quimica-Amtex S.A. v. Atofina, et al.

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On June 6, the Federal Trade Commission authorized the filing of a joint amicus brief with the U.S. Department of Justice in the case of Latino Quimica-Amtex S.A. v. Atofina, et al., No. 05-5754-CV (2d Cir.). The case involves an international price-fixing conspiracy by manufacturers of two chemicals, sodium monochloroacetate and monochloroacetic acid, which are used in manufacturing foods, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and plastics.
At issue are the Sherman Act claims of several foreign companies that purchased the chemicals from manufacturers located outside the United States, for delivery outside of the United States. The brief, which was filed on June 2, 2006, urges the Second Circuit to affirm a decision of the District Court, which dismissed the complaint for lack of jurisdiction.

Authored by

Robert W. Doyle, Jr.

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