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New Trade Case on Imports of Common Alloy Aluminum Sheet Against 18 Countries

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On March 9, 2020, a new U.S. antidumping petition was filed against common alloy aluminum sheet (“CAAS”) imports from 18 countries.  The Petitioners in the case are Aleris Rolled Products, Inc., Arconic, Inc., Constellium Rolled Products Ravenswood, LLC, JW Aluminum Company, Novelis Corporation, and Texarkana Aluminum, Inc.

The countries named in the Petition are Bahrain, Brazil, Croatia, Egypt, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Oman, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey.  In the petition, it alleges that these countries are “dumping,” meaning that they are exporting the product at issue, CAAS, at a lower market price than it would charge normally in its own market in its home country.

The alleged anti-dumping margins for each country are as follows:

Bahrain: 56.98 percent

Brazil: 30.23 percent to 44.20 percent

Croatia: 32.01 percent

Egypt: 31.5 percent

Germany: 37.22 percent

Greece: 61.25 percent

India: 122.8 to 151.0 percent

Indonesia: 32.12 percent

Italy: 28.97 percent

South Korea: 41.88 percent

Oman: 15.90 percent to 62.80 percent

Romania: 56.22 percent

Serbia: 40.61 percent

Slovenia: 30.88 percent

South Africa: 78.25 percent

Spain: 25.26 percent

Taiwan: 27.22 percent

Turkey: 42.45 percent

The product here, CAAS, is an aluminum product that is flat-rolled and could be used commercially in a variety of ways depending on the industry. It could be used in transportation, construction, or electrical work. The only use of CAAS that is outside of the scope of this petition is its use for aluminum cans.

Currently, the issue is under investigation by both the Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission. The investigations will determine whether the imports are, in fact, injuring the U.S. trade industry through an unlawful dumping process.

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