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Corporate Compliance

We advise companies on how to comply with legal requirements, good business practices, and ethical standards. We help companies create processes to monitor their compliance with the law and their own established codes of conduct and policies, so that compliance is part of their core business operations ensuring that non-compliance is quickly discovered, and that remedial action contributes to the success of the business.

Companies face increased financial, legal, and public relations risks if they fail to comply with the appropriate laws and rules and the standards that apply to them and their stockholders. Companies are under increasing scrutiny from regulators, their customers, and investors, all of which judge the company by different standards. “Compliance” programs help a company establish a process to set the right standards — and then monitor the company’s progress in meeting them.

Our attorneys have provided compliance support to dozens of its clients in a variety of industries and jurisdictions. We also assisted clients in complying with specific legal regimes — for example: healthcare, antitrust, and international laws — and have developed comprehensive programs, including training programs and audit procedures.

We have:

  • Performed compliance audits and updates for companies;
  • Worked with various manufacturers on implementing and improving their internal compliance programs;
  • Assisted a major company with the development and implementation of an international compliance program;
  • Assisted clients with document and e-mail retention policies;
  • Provided industry tailored antitrust compliance programs for trade association clients and standard setting organizations;
  • Designed and implemented comprehensive corporate compliance programs, including anti-money laundering, economic sanctions, export controls and U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”); and,
  • Created internal manuals discussing anti-boycott, export controls and FCPA violations and represented clients in connection with investigations by the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Justice and State.
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