Wage and Hour

Wage and hour disputes involve the failure to make overtime payments, disputes over wages or the misclassification of employees (independent contractor or full time employee).

Employees have certain rights under the law. A non-exempt employee who works over 40 hours per week is entitled to overtime pay. Employers that require employees to work beyond a normal 8 hour shift or require employees to spend time on job related tasks after the workday is over and are not paying employees for that time are at risk of having to not only pay the unpaid wages but also costs and attorneys' fees. An employee that has been underpaid or wrongfully denied benefits or overtime has the right to make a wage and hour claim.


If your employer wrongfully withheld tips or commissions that were owed to you; withheld payment from you; or failed to pay you minimum wage or overtime, you may entitled to lost wages.

If you are/were improperly classified as a temporary, seasonal, or independent contractor so your employer didn't pay you appropriately, you may be entitled to lost wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


If you are unsure on whether you might be in violation of the current wage and hour laws or are currently in receipt of a legal complaint regarding any wage and hour claims, call us.

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